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How do I Receive Wireless Internet With DISH Network?
April 2, 2015 – 08:08 am
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Dish Network offers satellite Internet; you have to add the wireless part with a router. Wireless Internet wraps all the speed of a broadband connection with the freedom of being wire-free into a neat little package. You can take that laptop out onto the deck for a relaxing day in the spring sun or put your desktop computer on the opposite side of the house from the modem. For you to receive wireless Internet from Disk Network, you need to order satellite Internet from the company.

Step 1

Unplug your modem and turn off your computer. Disconnect the Ethernet cord connecting the modem to the computer. Insert one end of the Ethernet cord into the back of the modem and the other into the back of the router. Attach another Ethernet cord from the computer to the router. This is so you can configure the router. You will remove it after the installation process.

Step 2

Plug in the modem. Wait for the connection to establish. The lights on the modem change when it locks on to the signal.

Step 3

Plug in the router. Turn on the computer. Locate the web address for your brand of router. The router's manual likely has the information.

Step 4

Open a browser. Enter the address and type the Username and password to log in. The manual has this information as well.

Step 5

Enter a Router Name. Set up a security password. This will be your login information to access the connection. Click "Save Settings" every time you change the page. Change the Security Mode to WEP or WPA. Your router will have different settings and options available. As long as you change or enter the router name, password and security mode, your router should function properly.

Step 6

Disconnect the Ethernet cord, which runs from the computer to the router. You may have as many wireless capable computers on the system as you desire and up to four wired computers, which utilizes an Ethernet cord with one end in the router and the other in the computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your computer doesn't have wireless capabilities, purchase and install a wireless adapter. You can check for a wireless network adapter by clicking on "Start" and "Computer." Choose "System Properties" and then "Device Manager." Click the plus sign next to Network Adapters. Look for "wireless" or "801" in the adapter names.
Source: www.techwalla.com
Dish Network DISH NETWORK DishComm Modem
PC Accessory (Dish Network)
  • DishCOMM allows enabled receivers to share one phone line connection. Adding a phone outlet or wireless adapter is not necessary as it works over the home s electrical...
  • DishCOMM may not work through power strips or some UPS boxes. Enabled on the ViP622 with L401 software and the ViP211 with L436.
Actiontec CenturyLink ActionTec C1000A Wireless-N VDSL2 Modem / Router
PC Accessory (Actiontec)
  • Gigabit Ethernet Built In
  • 802.11n Wireless Built In
  • Backward Compatible to ADSL2/2+
  • Robust Firewall
  • TR-069/TR-064 Support
Dealsjungle Dealsjungle F-pin Coaxial Splitter, 8 Way
Speakers (Dealsjungle)
  • Connection: F-pin Male Plug
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs
  • MODEL: WF722
  • FCC ID: SRQ-WF722
  • Compatibility: U.S. Cellular Home Phone provides voice service only in conjunction with customer-supplied touch tone telephone. It is NOT compatible with the following...
Echostar Sling Media Slinglink Turbo W1 Ethernet Over Power Adapter
PC Accessory (Echostar)
  • Package includes 1- Ethernet Adapter, 1- 10FT Ethernet Cable and User s Manual
  • Easy to install and setup. Enables network access where power outlet is available
  • This item is sold individually. However, most applications will require 2.
  • They communicate over the electrical wiring in your home. SlingLinks installed in homes with older wiring may have slower speeds. Each SlingLink must be plugged...
  • Make sure each SlingLink is plugged directly into a wall outlet. Do not plug into a surge protector as it may filter out the signal.
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