DIRECTV VS Dish Network which is better

Which is better Dish Network or DirecTV, and why?
July 30, 2020 – 05:53 pm
45 Second CSA - OFLC

I've been running for six years now (and more recently ). I notice popularity sway on from time to time. Overall I would say that I see more people sign up for DISH Network because it has the cheaper starting plan with America's Top 120.

I personally have DIRECTV. Their equipment is better in my opinion. They have whole home DVR which allows me to use one HD DVR and connect to it from my other HD recievers in the house.

DISH has an dual-DVR that you can use in two rooms, but you will only get HD on one of your TVs.

I asked an installer that does both which he prefers. He said DIRECTV because they don't have to service their equipment as much. DIRECTV's satellites mount is sturdier and DISH uses a LOT of refurbished equipment. He said if you go to a rich neighborhood like Park City, all you will see is DIRECTV.

That being said, I have also owned DISH and there were aspects I still preferred - like their guide and the speed of their guide. And, when you are on a budget, price IS the most important.

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