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May 26, 2016 – 03:57 pm
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LOUISVILLE, KY - I switched from U-verse to DirecTV in May 2016 and it has been a disaster! I am so frustrated and upset by what I assume is lack of communication between these two merged companies. I have had billing issues each month since I switched and it has been a circus, spending hours upon hours on the phone with company representatives that have no answers. First, I was told if I didn't like the service I could cancel, no problem (this comes into play later).

Then, the billing issues began. I was to be credited due to the overlap in U-verse/DirecTV service, and was assured all was well. My service was disconnected the first month due to lack of payment because they didn't properly notate my account and I was being charged for both cable services. Lovely! I spent hours HOURS on the phone trying to fix this issue. Finally, I spoke with a young man who took care of the issue, assured me all was well, did not charge a reinstatement fee of $50 (of course not!) and emailed me so I would have proper documentation of this fiasco.

One month later... I paid my bill on time at the beginning of September in full. Two weeks later I turn on my TV and I am not getting any service. I believe it is a technical issue and follow the prompts on the screen. That doesn't work so I call the technical support number to find out my service has been disconnected due to lack to payment AGAIN! And that there is a $400 early cancellation fee because I am on a 2 year contract! What?!

The woman tells me AT&T communicated that my account was past due and needed to be cancelled, but they took money out of my account Sept 2nd for the amount owed in full. This women then tells me I can just sign up with her directly and only owe $6. Um NO!!

I then call AT&T but they aren't available after business hours. I call DirecTV back and because I am so disgruntled they patch me through to an AT&T representative that is now magically available. The very first thing I say to her is tell me the date of the last payment received and for what amount. She confirms what I already knew. I proceed to tell her that I have no service because DirecTV was told to disconnect me because I hadn't paid.

After a looong time on the phone, she tells me my service was cancelled because of a past due home phone account... That when DirecTV installed my equipment it must have linked me with a past tenant and this home phone account is 60 days past due, but she can't tell me the amount that is delinquent. Interesting!! So I have paid my bill on time and you have cancelled me for a past due amount on a phone home (that I don't have!) but you can't tell me the amount due. This makes absolutely no sense - none whatsoever.

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