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October 19, 2016 – 05:36 pm

If you’re in the market for a cable, satellite, or a TV and internet bundle you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of ways to get tuned into your favorite shows for a fraction of the price with Broadband Expert’s comparison engine. Simply submit your information in our address checker and we’ll automatically provide a list of the top cable and satellite providers in your area. By having this information readily available, you’ll be able to compare the specific features like channels and price. If you’re in the market for a bundle (TV and internet plan) instead of just a cable or satellite plan then you can compare the specific speeds as well as any applicable fees, contract lengths, and more. Some of these bundles can even save you upwards of $500! Between the internet, TV, and triple play providers, you’ll be able to compare up to 5 companies at once. As you can see it’s an all-encompassing service, guaranteed to save you time and money.

DIRECTV and Dish are currently two of the leading satellite TV providers on the market. DIRECTV has a suite of 4 options to choose from: English TV, Spanish TV, bundle, and international foreign-language TV. Plus, you can get a selection of premium content for a low additional cost. Football fans, for example, can purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket for $59.99. DISH, conversely, only offers 3 packages but at a slightly lower cost. The company also offers the Hopper DVR with 2 a TB hard drive, and a “TV Everywhere” feature. When debating between a satellite and cable provider keep in mind the features that are most important to you.

It is quite common for television providers to offer three-in-one packages—sometimes called triple play bundles. With dishNet, you can select which services are included in your bundle whether that’s TV, high-speed internet, and phone service When it comes to triple packages, the two main options are cable and satellite. When you buy 2 or 3 of these services together, the total price generally goes down which is why it’s so worthwhile. Now you might be asking yourself, “why should I put all my eggs in one basket”? There are three main benefits to purchasing a bundle compared to getting each service individually from multiple companies. These include cost savings, single billing and payment, and purely convenience.

Cost Savings

The first advantage to purchasing a bundle is the cost savings. If you decide to purchase your TV, internet, and phone services from different companies, chances are, you won’t get the most bang for your buck. The reason these bundles are so cost-efficient is because they’re supplied at discounted rates as incentives for subscribing to multiple services. Getting your cable TV, internet, and phone services from one company through a bundle can save you money, especially in the long run. Broadband Expert provides a breakdown of the different TV bundles available, including costs.

Single Billing and Payment

The second advantage of bundling is billing. Every month, households have to deal with the hassle of paying multiple bills. These can be an inconvenience, especially for professionals on the run. Obviously, with a three-in-one bundle, you eliminate the need to pay three separate bills. So basically you’re saving both time and money.


The third advantage is convenience, especially when it comes to having services installed and fixed. Rather than having to set multiple appointments for the installation of three services, you’ll only need to set one. Moreover, if you need to have a service fixed or maintained, there is no need to reach out to multiple companies.


Cost savings, single billing, and convenience are just three of the advantages of TV and internet bundles. If you are considering subscribing to one, check with the different providers about the services they can offer you. Better yet, let Broadband Expert do the work for you!

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