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February 8, 2019 – 11:25 am
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The Home Services division of DIRECTV is a 7, 000-person organization responsible for television satellite installation services at consumer locations throughout the United States.

Home Services Case for Trust:

The division was struggling with issues such as:

  • Stagnant employee engagement scores over past several years
  • High turnover among the population of 6, 000 technicians (100% every three years)
  • Flat productivity across all 100 U.S. sites
  • Stressful work environment (Five acquisitions over the past two years)

Typical leadership responses to these types of problems are to establish a mandate, invoke change through the stroke of a pen, or replace some process or system. These leadership “controls” have limited impact and typically compound the very organizational issues they are trying to solve (and in some cases give rise to new ones).

Solution: The Speed of Trust
The solution to most organizational challenges are rooted in changes to human behavior. The Speed of Trust Transformation Process brought into affect such changes. It was tailored for each group within the division: executives, managers, supervisors, and individual contributors. The learning process was implemented across the three division of Home Services.

This case study validates the Speed of Trust value proposition – that trust always impacts two measurable outcomes: Speed and Cost . DIRECTV leaders realized a powerful performance multiplier as the culture embraced the new language and behaviors in the context of their rigorous, everyday work. Below is the evidence:

  • Engagement scores increased 13 percentage points (unheard of in the employee engagement world)
  • Average technician tenure quadrupled (which previously was 290 days)
  • Customer satisfaction increased (92% overall)
  • All of the underlying data from the engagement survey moved in a positive direction!


Let us introduce you to Carlos Botero, VP of Human Resources, DIRECTV Home Services. He tells their story through the following short video clips:

Get Started Now:
Trust is a competency, and you can DO something about it. High trust behavior is a key driver of outcomes...and high-trust behavior is the most overlooked and least understood leverage that leaders can access today!

Let us help you get started!

Our offer:
This is how DIRECTV Home Services got started . . . begin by doing an Organizational Trust and Engagement Index. This index provides a behavioral baseline of the trust dynamics that exists within your team or organization. This valuable data identifies the behavioral drivers of engagement and shows leaders the behavioral gaps that negatively impact performance.

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In this three-hour overview, learn how The Speed of Trust™ increases employee engagement and collaboration and drives real, sustainable business results.

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