Which Is Better DirecTV Or Dish Network?

Which Is Better: DirecTV Or Dish Network?
August 30, 2017 – 09:54 am
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DirecTV PackagesUsers of the satellite TV services know that different service providers offer a variety of services. Both Dish Network and DirecTV have their own benefits and disadvantages. DirecTV offers good customer service, but Dish offers Live 24/7 customer support.

Dish Network also offers the Hopper DVR that helps users skip ads in Primetime. However, DirecTV offers some basic HD channels that are missing in the Dish Network. Below is a Dish vs DirecTV comparison that might help you find the best satellite TV network.

Dish Vs DirecTV Rundown

As per the opinion of the users, Dish offers the best balance of channels, features, and value for money services. It is true that Dish Network lacks the NFL Sunday Ticket, which is a prime offering by DirecTV, but the Hopper DVR and Joey boxes provided by them are excellent pieces of hardware. A key advantage of having Hopper DVR is that the users can skip commercials on popular channels and it can be accessed in any location with Internet.

Dish Vs DirecTVAlso, the three year price lock offered by Dish Network helps users to avoid the hike in cost in the middle of a contract. The three-year price lock is actually a good feature for customers, if they choose the packages wisely and judiciously.

In case of DirecTV, their channels lineup is the main attraction. DirecTV packages offer most of the HD channels, while Dish Network does not. Also, DirecTV provides discounts on the premium channels at the commencement of the service. Users can also avail discounts on additional premium channels after adding them to the subscription list.

DirecTV offers access to many On Demand shows and movies, and users can watch shows from anywhere on a variety of devices like a tablet, laptop, or cell phone. Another advantage, after the acquisition of DirecTV by AT&T, is that users can bundle DirecTV subscription with AT&T Internet packages.

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