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January 2, 2018 – 10:21 am
Dish network satellite

(Mostly) unedited partial alt.dbs.echostar post by BCDowell. Stop back later for the final page.

Lastly, a reminder to everyone that considers dealing with folks they've barely met (especially through the internet):

Always make payments via traceable methods. Pay by check if possible so you can tell when the payment clears. If not by check, then use Money Order, or use PayPal (a great service!, at ). PayPal is nice since it's traceable, you get free money for signing up, and it works with credit cards or checking accounts.

Next, if you send payments, or merchandise, then ship via traceable methods. Use Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, or use Certified Mail, or ship via UPS or FedEx. Something that you can check on the web or via other methods. It eliminates problems later when someone says they didn't get something.

A reminder for folks thinking about buying used receivers:

Be very careful, whether buying from me, Seth, JBuff, Elecconnect, Roger, Tom, Dick, Harry, Bill, Hillary, Dubya, or Al. Just being a frequent newsgroup contributor doesn't make anyone a paragon of virtue.

Used receivers should be obtained from very reliable sources. If you buy a receiver that has purchases on the smart card, or from an account that had an open and/or unpaid balance, you may not be able to activate the receiver without paying the past due amounts. If you have doubts about a particular unit you're considering for purchase, get the receiver ID and smartcard ID. Contact Dish to see if the receiver is encumbered by unpaid bills. If there is no smartcard, be advised that Dish will charge about $50 for a replacement in addition to any charges on record for that receiver. Be suspicious of any Dish Network product offered without a smartcard. Unlike DirecTV, Dish does not require purchasers of used equipment to purchase a new smartcard.

In order to activate a used receiver, the previous customer must have contacted Dish and told them to release the receiver for resale. If you don't know who the previous owner of the receiver is, you may find it impossible to activate. Dish Network can also tell you if the receiver is unreleased. Contact them at 1-800-333-DISH (3474).

Most of the list of names above (Seth, JBuff, Elecconnect, etc.), are very reliable, and will never rip you off, but you never know. We've all seen horror stories (one again very recently) about people that thought they had gotten a good deal from a garage/yard sale and then found out later that there was some obscene amount owed on the receiver/account that makes the item an expensive paper weight. In retrospect, this person thought he'd made a killing for a mere $20, but in fact could have purchased a new system for less than it would have taken to activate his bargain receiver.

Just be careful, and do research before buying used Dish equipment at yard sales, flea markets, and especially over the internet.


  • In addition to the methods Barry mentions above, there is UPS COD. UPS will ship a package COD and will not release it to the recipient until they pay with a method you specify (for example, postal money order, certified check, etc). They then forward the check to the seller. They provide this service for an additional $5.00 fee on top of your shipping charge. Not much to pay for peace of mind. I've done it before myself (didn't know it existed until the seller told me about it) and it worked great. The details can be found at
  • I used to ship computer equipment nationwide (and international) and had terrible experiences with UPS's COD service. Granted this was a few yrs ago, but UPS would collect the check (you can specify that it must be cashier's check or money order, but I wouldn't trust the driver to check or care), send it to some processing center in Kentucky, and then USPS it to the shipper. They once lost an $800 cashier's check and told me to tell my customer to cut a new one! FedEx, on the other hand, provided me COD service for $7.50 (vs UPS's $5) and the payment was overnighted to me every time.
Dish Network Dish Network 103602 IR Remote Control
GPS or Navigation System (Dish Network)
  • Original OEM Remote Control
  • Universal
  • Infrared Capable
  • Able to Control up to 4 Devices
  • Emits IR (infrared / Line of Site) Signals
King Controls King Controls 1844 King-Dome Installation & Diagnostic Tool
Automotive Parts and Accessories (King Controls)
  • Keypad Console Installation and diagnostic tool
  • For Automatic Models
  • Required for Dish Network hook up
Intellian Tech Intellian i2 Antenna with 13" Reflector
Sports (Intellian Tech)
  • Complete System for Dish Network Including MIM Satellite Switching Module
  • IQ Technology Allows You to Tune in Quickly and Enjoy Your Favorite TV Programming in Quiet Comfort
  • High Performance Parabolic Antenna to Receive Ku-Band Satellite Signals
  • Light Weight Antenna Weighs Less Than 10 Pounds
  • Three Year Global Warranty
Audiovox - Sirius SiriusXM Universal Home Signal Distribution Kit
Wireless (Audiovox - Sirius)
  • Compatible with SiriusXM, Sirius and XM radios
  • Place the antenna outside for optimal signal reception and to improve satellite radio enjoyment
  • Simplifies installation by using existing coaxial wiring for cable TV or satellite TV (combiner/splitter system Lets you combine cable TV or satellite TV and satellite...
  • Compatible with DirecTV (legacy & SWM), DISH Network, AT&T U-verse, Verizon FiOS, cable and off-air television systems
  • Radio can be anywhere in the house near a TV jack and up to 150 away from the antenna so you can enjoy satellite radio where you want
Speakers (Does not apply)
  • This Lnbf works with all circular polarization ku band satellites. Great choice for Echostar 3 (Dish network 61.5), Echostar 6/8 (Dish network 110), Echostar 7 (Dish...
  • This Lnbf compatibles with all FTA receivers such as: Pansat, CoolSat, MegaSat, LavaSat, Pantec, Fortec, Silver Bird, Black Bird , Nfusion, Viewsat, Sonicview and...
  • It does not work with Galaxy, Amc , satmex or any other FTA satellite.
  • it does not work with FTA dish antennas. it will no fit. it will fit mini dish antennas such 18 directv OR INTERNATIONAL DIRECTV FOR 101 SATELLITE.
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