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DirecTV Dish – Satellite TV Antenna
May 28, 2020 – 05:15 pm

With fourteen million homes in the United States using the DirecTV network on a daily basis, the various types of the DirecTV Dish have an important role to play in delivering quality Satellite TV signals to the home and offices that use the it. There are varying price ranges for the dish antennas based on the needs of the end user.

The main components of all dishes are similar and serve three main purposes: attaching the dish to the building, collecting the signal from satellite, and converting it to a useable form.

“With a DirecTV dish antenna, you will receive a high quality digital picture along with theater-like sound which gives a feel similar to a home theater system”

DirecTV Dish

There are two different types of dishes available: the Basic DirecTV Dish, which is used for normal televisions, and the DirecTV Slimline Dish, which is used for HD televisions.

The DirecTV Slimline Dish is the newest version that many people in the United States use. Subscribers that want to upgrade their dish can easily order a new dish that comes with free installation. Only one dish is required regardless if you want to put the set top box in multiple rooms.

There are three main types of DirecTV dishes for normal televisions: DirecTV Satellite Dish 18″, DirecTV 18 x 20 Inch Multi Satellite Dish Antenna and DirecTV International World Direct Satellite Dish. The lowest priced DirecTv Satellite Dish 18″ has two OD masts and weighs 10.45lbs. This type of antenna is one of the best if you want a small footprint as its size is quite compact compared to others. See Product Features…

In the medium-price range comes the DirecTV 18 x 20 Inch Multi Satellite Dish Antenna is durable with proven quality in cold weather applications. It has a triple LNB with 4 receiver capability, is easy to configure and it has reliable performance. This type of satellite antenna provides both excellent digital quality picture and sound. See Product Features…

The DirecTV International World Direct Satellite Dish is one of the highest priced dishes, it is new and smaller in size, measuring 36″ x 24″. It is a great choice for international programming through WorldDIRECT channels via channel on 95W and 101W satellites. LNBFs are also included. See Product Features…

DirecTV Slimline Dish

The lowest priced dish is the DirecTV Slimline Dish. These types of dishes utilise DirecTV’s SWM (Single Wire Multiswitch) technology and are durable, reliable, easy to configure and easy to use. They carry signals from three satellites. Azimuth/Elevation mount is included even in the lowest price range. See Product Features…

The medium priced DirecTV 5 Tuner Single Wire Switch is the same size as of the low priced DirecTV dish but carrys signals from five satellites giving you maximum channel selection. As with all slimline dishes its sleeker profile is good for areas with home owner associations – especially compared to standard dishes. See Product Features…

Electronix Express Electronix Express SF-95 Meter for Directv
BISS (Electronix Express)
  • Dimensions: 3 x2.4 x1.1 and ~4oz
  • 0.2 dB difference in 950 - 2150MHz range
  • 13-18v DC
  • LNB to REC connectors with a dB level control
  • With LNB/LNB higher than 60 dB, use a 5dB attenuator
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