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October 31, 2019 – 04:15 pm
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As much as you may love settling in to watch "The Americans" or "House of Cards" each week, you don't want to pay more money than you have to for your satellite TV subscription. Here are 12 easy ways to save money and make sure you're getting the most out of your subscription without having to resort to a TV antenna for local programming.

1. Ensure Proper Installation
You're not getting your money's worth out of your satellite TV subscription if you get a signal only half the time. Install your satellite dish so it has a clear line-of-sight to the southern sky, where it won't be obscured by trees or neighboring homes. If possible, opt for professional installation; a satellite TV installer will know how to properly mount your satellite dish in the best position for a clear signal and consistent service.

2. Keep the Satellite's Line-of-Sight Clear
Even after your dish is installed in the right position, snow or overgrown trees may obscure its line-of-sight in the future. Make sure to brush snow, fallen leaves, or other debris off your satellite dish promptly and trim back any trees that could interfere with its positioning relative to the southern sky.

3. Read Your Bill Each Month
Look over your satellite TV bill monthly. Are there any pay-per-view charges you don't recognize? Has your low introductory rate expired? Immediately report any charges that don't seem right. If you wait too long, your provider may not honor your claim.

4. Take Advantage of Loyalty Rewards
Your satellite TV provider may offer loyalty reward points for paying your bills on time, ordering movies on demand, or upgrading your service. Sometimes, you can cash in points for discounts on special events, use the points to pay for on-demand movies or TV shows, or get gift cards.

5. Refer Friends
Some satellite TV providers offer gift cards or statement credits when you refer friends to their service. Take advantage of your social media networks, or use old-fashioned word-of-mouth, to refer friends to your favorite satellite TV provider and get paid for watching TV — or at least for talking about it.

6. Take Your Connection With You On the Road
Your satellite TV provider may have an option that lets you carry your satellite TV programming with you anywhere for a monthly fee. Rather than using your smartphone data bandwidth to stream movies while you're vacationing, use the self-aiming portable satellite antenna to watch shows on the road, while camping, or in your own backyard.

7. Pick Your Channels and Packages Wisely
Think about the channels you watch regularly. Before you switch packages or providers, hold a family meeting to see what your family is willing to give up and what shows they don't want to live without. You might be surprised by their answers, which could result in a less expensive satellite TV package.

8. Consider Other Options
There are certain programs, including your favorite sporting events, which you may only be able to get through satellite TV. For anything else, there's Netflix, Hulu, or a host of other streaming television services. If you have a fast Internet connection, you might be able to reduce your satellite TV service to the bare essentials and watch the rest of your favorite shows online.

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