Advice writing to girls

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All women are capable of being both soft and strong simultaneously. To be a woman is to exist in paradox. You may want to bookmark this one. Subscribe to receive this extra resource. Far too many male authors project masculine qualities onto a female character in an attempt to show how tough she is.

Women want to feel safe. This is how you can explore the individuality of your character. What will make her feel safe in this scene and in the story as a whole?

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What is preventing her from reaching that place of safety? Always have your woman character reaching for safety, not just for a gun well, only if you must. Women also want to be of service. Women have a deep capacity to serve others. On the contrary, women are in positions of power and influence as mothers, teachers, doctors, storytellers, et al. In fact, women can fulfill most any job that men can do.

Men consider work as a way to showcase their ability, a beating of the chest, if you will.

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In your story, show how this woman serves others. Extra points if you can name those stories. Let the answers to these questions dictate how you as gender to all of your characters, not just the female ones. As an aside, one of the best types of tension in literature and life is male versus female.

Men and women will never Advice writing to girls in the same way which makes life so very interesting and infuriating at the same time. Using men and women to foil each other can create an delightful dynamic in your story, as long as you avoid stereotypes. The best thing you can do is to avoid these stereotypes altogether. Stereotypes make a character fall flat. Stereotypes deflate what could be an interesting character. Base the character on someone you already know. For example, model a character after your grandmother. Based on what you know of her, how would she face this particular situation?

What would she do? How would she respond? Is she feisty or subdued? Is she careful or careless? She may behave like Jan but look like Cindy. Ask her to pay special attention to the women in your story you do have more than one, right?

Talk to a woman. Things to observe:. This woman may not represent the entire character, but perhaps an aspect of her. Interview a woman as if she is your character. In your interview, ask your friend or family member questions as if she were your character. For example, set up a scenario or scene from your novel and then ask questions like:. Instead, create similar scenarios for the interview that you can then use to understand key motivations for your female characters. Not sure if you can find a woman to interview?

Remember, women like to help and be of service to others. Can I tell you that both of these depictions are ridiculous? Here's a handy and printable list of do's and don'ts for writing realistic women characters. Leave this field blank. First Name. Send me the bonus! Hold tight Thank you! The result? You reinforce the idea that femininity is weak. Tweet this. What Motivates a Woman? Most women are motivated by two things: safety and service. The difference is that, for most women, ego is not the driving Advice writing to girls.

What is Your Motivation? Are you just doing it to show how cool and hip and progressive you are? Are you writing a biting, sardonic social commentary?

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Do you want to create a realistic portrait of a woman? Is there an added level of symbolism to your gender choice? The femme fatale. The crazy girlfriend. The stay at home wife. Her only will for living is to be a wife and a mom.

The career driven. The most beautiful girl in the world. Use a Muse Base the character on someone you already know. Things to observe: How does she respond to you? How does she speak? Is it fast or slow? Does she emphasize certain words, repeat certain phrases? For example, set up a scenario or scene from your novel and then ask questions like: If you were in this situation, what would you do?

What would be your thought process in this situation? What would be your main motivation? Subscribe Hold tight You might also like Looking for ways to market your YA novel? How to Set the Mood in Your Novel. Need help setting the mood for your novel?

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These tips will help you out Need help penning for first romance novel?

Advice writing to girls

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