Artistic soul looking for the same

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Another contestant on upcoming Eesti Laul that I had the honours of interviewing is young looking, but very ambitious and talented musician Aden Ray. Born in Tallinn inhe started performing at a very young age, singing as a solo act, in a church choir and even in a boyband. Later, drawing his inspiration from American, English and Swedish popular music, he started to compose his own pieces.

Why did You decide to enter Eesti Laul ? I think, that competitions are not for music, this is not what creators should do. How we can compare music?

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How can we compare an art?! How can we choose what is better? I was in New York and then spent a few years in The Philippines making music, performing there and doing some tv and radio appearances. I even composed a song The Philippines, which will be out early next year. I wanted to share to the world this song, I wanted people to feel what I felt during my life.

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This song is about us people, wearing masks in our lives. So that masks, those fake feelings are making us sad and sometimes stressful.

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So, the last verse is about that we must fight for not afraid to be who we are. So, in the end we will all feel blessed and loved and happy. Definitely yes. Especially through this great and big event like Eesti Laul and Eurovision.

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Do you think that your staging possibilities are limited because of the amount of sound that backing vocals carry throughout the song, especially towards the end of it? Well yes, but I will do my best. During recording sessions, I was recording gospel choir from New York, but on the stage I can invite maximum 5 people besides me.

How does that relate with your music style? I never limit myself to any music genre. Music is everything. That would be an amazing album. A lot of singers nowadays portrait emotional trauma and, sometimes, following depression as necessary trigger to begin song writing.

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Would You agree with that statement? Something breaks in our souls or in our hearts and then we start creating love, I mean art. Both are the stress. Good or bad, we decide by ourselves. I started to write after a big loss of my life, a person. But I also make other things in art. I mean, all life is an art when you have an artistic soul.

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How are You going to deal with stage fright prior to the Eesti Laul? Remember what I said about competitions?! Ending on a more light-hearted note- what is Your favourite Estonian song in the Eurovision? And last question- do You have any message for readers of eurosong. Nowadays music industry is so occupied by highly promoted artists, who are pushed so hard by giant record labels.

And these few artists are everywhere, on tv, on the radio, everywhere. Eurovision is a good platform from where we can get to know better some of them, some of these new interesting artists. Maybe you will hear an artist, who will open your heart exactly there!

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Artistic soul looking for the same

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Aden Ray: „Whole life is an art, if you have an artistic soul.“