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Often an important first step in introducing queer storylines to mainstream audiences, the GBF trope had a tendency to reinforce stereotypes about gay men: that their only interests are makeovers, shopping and drama, that their struggles and relationships fade into the background unless they're supporting a straight person's story, and that they only exist to be wise oracles about love and romance. Perhaps the earliest example of the classic Gay Best Friend character is in movie The Woman in Red, a Gene Wilder comedy about a married man who becomes obsessed with a model Kelly LeBrock after he sees her skirt get blown up by a wind grate, Marilyn Monroe-style.

Buddy Charles Grodinone of his circle of friends, comes to the rescue when Wilder's character is nearly found out by his wife and mother-in-law at a birthday party. A minor character with limited screen time, Buddy does win points for being portrayed as just another one of the guys, who happens to be gay — a big deal for movies in the 80s.

There are many things to love about Reality Bites — spot-on Gen X fashion, a memorable soundtrack, and Janeane Garofalo at her snarky best. More funny, cute, and insecure than fashionable and stereotypical, Sammy is a Houston slacker who pals around with Garofalo and her roommate, aspiring filmmaker Lelaina Winona Ryder.

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Sammy's sexuality is revealed in clips of Lelaina's documentary on her circle of friends, where Sammy describes his celibacy non-sexual GBF, go figure and his pained coming out to his family. By the end of the movie, we learn Sammy has a fella, but we don't ever see him. His plotline may be thin as a wisp, but Zahn squeezes a lot of mileage out of a small role. Rickie Vasquez Wilson Cruz of ABC's short-lived cult classic My So-Called Life is one of the first examples of a gay character in a high school ensemble series — but what makes him especially noteworthy is that he challenged the Gay Best Friend trope before it was even a trope.

As this list shows, GBFs are overwhelmingly white, and until recently they were often played by straight actors. Cruz, an Afro-Puerto Rican man, was the first openly gay actor to play an openly gay character in a leading role in an American television show. While Rickie was best friends with straight girls at his school, the way his storyline dealt with homophobia and self-acceptance was years ahead Black man 4 best friend its time. It's no wonder that fans still approach Cruz to tell him how much his character meant to them. Why do all the cutest guys end up being gay, am I right, ladies?

While playing matchmaker at her high school, Cher crushes on a suave new student named Christian Justin Walker and tries to lose her virginity to him, missing all the giant, stereotypical s that he plays for the other team. Finally her friends have to explain that Christian is a "cake boy" — a "disco-dancing, Oscar Wilde-reading, Streisand ticket-holding Friend of Dorothy.

On the upside, Cher gets her very own GBF out of the situation, and Christian succeeds in making Cher's ex-stepbrother Josh Paul Rudd jealous enough to realize he's in love with her. Brooks stars Jack Nicholson as Melvin, an obsessive-compulsive and narcissistic romance novelist, whose life is made richer thanks to the unwarranted love and kindness of the people around him.

Helen Hunt stars as Carol, a single mom and his love interest who "makes him want to be a better man," while former Talk Soup host Greg Kinnear surprised audiences with his impressive acting chops as Simon, the gay neighbor who becomes friends with the curmudgeonly Melvin. When Simon, an artist, is badly beaten up by a friend of one of his models, his agent Cuba Gooding Jr. As Hollywood would have it, Melvin and the pup form a bond, and eventually Simon and Melvin do too. The friendship becomes another avenue by which to measure the protagonist's growth as a human being.

When New York food critic Jules Julia Roberts hears about the engagement of her lifelong friend Michael Dermot Mulroneywho once promised to marry her if they were both still single by age 28, she launches into a convoluted plot to sabotage the wedding. George is such a fantasy of a character that he may as well be a unicorn, but Everett is just so charming about the whole thing. Even though Jules fails to win back the man she loves, it still feels like she succeeds in the end, just because George sings "I Say a Little Prayer" to her in a restaurant and dances with her at the reception.

Will Truman may be the quintessential GBF — since that's his main character attribute in the early episodes of the iconic sitcom, which launched inlasted until and was rebooted in The real gay best friend of the series was Jack Sean Hayesa diva-loving queen who cycles through men, jobs, and random fixations.

Sure, Jack is plenty stereotypical, but he was also hilarious — and once Hayes came out after the original series runthe characterization felt less problematic. During the reboot, Jack would also flesh out his GBF role, getting a steady boyfriend and a bit of Broadway glory. Her confidant since the s New York party scene, he can always be counted on for witty commentary about dating, shopping, and therapy.

This is Manhattan. Even the shrinks have shrinks. I have three. Garson, a straight actor, recently discussed why he was reluctant to reveal his sexuality in interviews. They spend their free time ballroom dancing and cuddling in bed watching movies — but when Nina discovers that she's pregnant by her overbearing boyfriend, she asks George to help raise her child and the relationship gets complicated.

Inevitably, Nina develops feelings for George, and at one point they're on the brink of having sex when a phone call from his ex-boyfriend interrupts them. The big emotional scene of the movie is a very pregnant Nina sobbing because George can't love her the way she loves him.

The flash-forward at the end, with all the characters being one big happy family, was progressive for its time; but the idea that a gay man could be attracted to a woman if she plays her cards right is a bit uncomfortable.

The "gay men sleeping with straight women" idea gets even weirder in Madonna's film Black man 4 best friend Next Best Thing.

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When her character Abbie gets pregnant after a drunken fling with her GBF Robert Rupert Everett, much less successful this timeshe decides to have the baby and Robert agrees to be the live-in father, while they both continue to date other people.

But then Abbie meets a guy who wants to get married and move to New York, and the romantic comedy spirals into a bizarre courtroom drama as they fight over custody of their. Roger Ebert gave the movie one star and called it "a garage sale of gay issues," it bombed at the box office, and Everett later revealed that it led to the collapse of his friendship with Madonna.

It's as good a as any that we needed to put that plotline to rest. Tina Fey's high school comedy is proof that the gay best friend doesn't have to be an offensive or trivial character, because what would Mean Girls even be without "too gay to function" Damian Daniel Franzese and "big lesbian crush" Janis Lizzy Caplan? Yes, Janis' classmates spread gay rumors about her and she's dating a boy by the end of the movie, but we're not buying for a second that she's heterosexual.

While most of their story is about teaming up with new student Cady Lindsay Lohan to take down a clique of popular girls, Damian and Janis have a fully-developed friendship with each Black man 4 best friend as well as Cady, and are just as central to the movie's commentary about high school culture as anyone else. While kinder than editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly Meryl Streep and her waspish assistant Emily Emily BluntTucci's character Nigel doesn't hesitate to call Andy out for her snobbish attitude about the fashion industry.

You are whining," he says — though the rebuke loses its sting when he gives her a full makeover and tens of thousands of dollars' worth of deer clothing. Sadly, Nigel is rewarded for his hard work at Runway with the most unsatisfying ending of anyone in the movie: getting thrown under the bus by Miranda and missing out on his dream job. We'll just have to imagine he finds his own fulfilling storyline in the sequel we'll probably never get. ABC's Ugly Betty was frequently accused of ripping off The Devil Wears Prada when it first aired, with its plot about a fish-out-of-water assistant America Ferrera working at a New York fashion magazine — but its diverse, memorable characters quickly took on a life of their own.

James Michael Urie kept the audience in stitches. In an interview with The Advocate celebrating the pilot episode's year anniversary, Urie said, "Finding the right tone was always something that I cared a lot about, and the writers were excellent at toeing the line between camp and truth.

I always wanted to be able to get away with true silliness but also play naturalistic pathos. It might be a bit of a stretch to call True Blood a romantic comedy, but Lafayette Nelsan Ellis is worth a mention. The flamboyant employee of the restaurant Merlotte's served up no-nonsense evaluations of romantic Black man 4 best friend for Sookie Stackhouse Anna Paquin as she juggled an array of supernatural beaux.

In later seasons of the HBO series, which ran from toLafayette expanded outside of trope territory to find his own love interest, and he was never afraid to stand up to oppression from either human or vampire bigots.

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Upon Ellis's passing inAlan Ball, the creator of True Bloodcalled Ellis "a singular talent whose creativity never ceased to amaze me. Working with him was a privilege. Oh, Glee. To be fair, Chris Colfer's character Kurt was a TV breakthrough, offering a much-needed positive role model to gay. His relationship with Blaine Darren Criss was one of the first times we got to see two young gay characters kissing onscreen in a mainstream, family-oriented comedy, and we'll never forget the way his father Burt Mike O'Malley defied stereotypes by being completely supportive when Kurt came out to him.

But his gossipy friendship with Rachel Lea Michele and her habit of calling Kurt her "best gay" had some critics wondering if he was being treated like an accessory, a debate that can set off Tumblr fandom shouting matches to this day. How's this for a flashback? Look at your life — look at your choices. If you were ever wondering why your friends wouldn't stop quoting that last sentence or "she's a stupid bitch" all the time, look no further. Instead of him supporting the female lead, it's actually Olive Emma Stone who looks out for him, by pretending to loudly have sex with him at a party so he can keep homophobic bullies off his back until he can graduate high school.

He does fulfill the trope in another way, however — once he gets the plot in motion and Olive makes herself over as the school slut to help other students, we don't see very much of him. We do find out, in a random burst of exposition, that Brandon comes out to his parents and runs away from home; but aside from a parting shot of him cuddling with his new boyfriend, all of that happens off screen.

A college ex-boyfriend of Dunham's character Hannah, Elijah reveals that he's gay early in Season 1 when she tries to find out if he gave her HPV — and then drops the memorable bombshell, "It was nice to see you. Your father is gay. But while it would have been easy to make Elijah a caricature, he ends up being one of the most well-rounded and likable characters on the show, largely because he seems Black man 4 best friend be the only person who recognizes how ridiculous Hannah and her friends are acting a lot of the time.

Bythe trope had been scrutinized enough to be the subject of its own stylish high school satire, G. With fashion magazines declaring a Gay Best Friend to be this season's hottest accessory, three would-be prom queens fight over recently outed student Tanner Michael J.

Willettmaking him over to look like the status symbol they want. Meanwhile, homophobic students and religious groups try to shut gay students out of prom altogether. While the perpetually-unemployed diva plays the role of helping Kimmy Ellie Kemper adjust to the modern world after she's rescued from an underground cult, Titus steals the show from the very first episode, providing the funniest jokes and some unforgettable musical s.

Over four seasons, Titus gets fleshed-out storylines about his career, his friendships with characters other than Kimmy, and his construction worker boyfriend Mikey Michael Carlsenputting any suggestion that he's just a sidekick to shame. Created by Julie Klausner, Difficult People was very self-aware of the GBF trope in its depiction of aspiring comedians and friends Klausner and Billy Eichner as they pursued careers in entertainment and indulged in their love of hating other people.

Even their names were the same as their characters' in the Hulu series. Subverting it, Klausner was married while Eichner's dating life was a rich resource for his comedy, be it for his disdain at a "participator" in a stand-up audience, an "old-timey" obsessed with period culture, Black man 4 best friend pretending to be closeted in New Jersey. The encouraging takeaway from this progressive-minded show, however, is that if your queer representation also includes a bisexual, biracial lead character Aisha Deeher lesbian Muslim love interest Nikohl Boosheriand a Black gay man who is head of the fashion department Stephen Conrad Moorethe GBF character stops being a potentially harmful stereotype and becomes more of a playful wink at white gay men.

She finds an ally in Oliver Nico Santos"the rainbow sheep of the family," who uses his insider-outsider status to make himself useful and protect his relatives from gold-diggers. In an interview with The AdvocateSantos rejected the idea that his character is just there for comic relief. The fact that he has become this cunning player who kind of manipulates and knows exactly how to place himself in the right position, in the right time, at the right place speaks highly to the type of character that he is.

Black man 4 best friend

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