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Belarus openly admits to pursuing a multi-directional foreign policy. And Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei has made multiple statements about the difficulties of balancing between East and West under growing tensions and belligerent rhetoric from both sides see, for example, BeltaJune 2. This humiliation of an ally was exacerbated by news pertaining to a bilateral agreement on the t reinforcement of a regional grouping of troops to be deployed in Belarus in case of military threat Pravo.

According to this agreement, ed one year ago but enacted on November 14, Russia obtains the right to relocate its weaponry and troops to Belarus. If Belarus is a disloyal wife cheating on Russia with the West, then the latter is an uncommitted lover at best. In the declaration of the Eastern Partnership EaP summit held in Brussels on November 27Belarus is mentioned three times and Russia not at all. The declaration confirms progress in Belarusian—European Union relations and in negotiations on transit Tut. At the same time, the EU again Cheating wives Jamestown the beginning of cooperation talks with Minsk on political reforms in Belarus.

In the opinion of Denis Melyantsov, expressed on behalf of the Minsk Dialogue initiative, this approach is yet another relapse of double standard, as no such concessions were demanded from Azerbaijan. The EaP initiative continues to lose its political ambition, Melyantsov asserts. For practical purposes, the agenda of bilateral, Belarus-Europe, contacts is now more forthcoming than that of the EaP as a whole, he claims Minskdialogue. That subversive Cheating wives Jamestown are no longer expected from European partners has become evident from the closure of the so-called White Legion case see EDMMarch Thirty-five Belarusians were, indeed, arrested and Belarusian TV, together with the main government daily, conducted a campaign against the purported nationalist underground.

However, in June, the KGB terminated its investigation and began to release those arrested.

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Considering the low frequency of acquittals in the Belarusian judicial system, such a decision was prone to generate multiple political interpretations see, for example, Svaboda. Be that as it may, a widely publicized suspicion of nationalist disorder instigated with the help of the West was put to rest, if only for the time being.

On November 20, the authorities announced the arrest of Pavel Sharoiko, a Ukrainian radio correspondent. Sharoiko turned out to be a Ukrainian intelligence colonel, who allegedly gathered information about government institutions and Russian military objects in Belarus and acted under the supervision of Igor Skvortsov, an advisor of the Ukrainian embassy in Minsk. Skvortsov was declared persona non grataand Ukraine expelled a Belarusian diplomat in return News All of this might be downplayed as a nuisance be it not for a public statement made by Lukashenka.

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According to Lukashenka, however, the Ukrainian side violated this agreement and leaked the information to the press. In any case, it is in response to this breach of agreement that the Belarusian side decided to publicize its own view of the situation, according to the president of Belarus. In summary, if courting Belarus is what some influential external centers of power do, the advantage of the East is still largely unchallenged. The other side may need to become more creative.

Cheating wives Jamestown

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