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May 2, January 18, June 6, May 12, December 3, Back in Marchabout 8 years after we first met, I married my now Colombian wife Marcela in her home city of Medellin, Colombia. It was an incredible day and yet one I could never have imagined years earlier.

Until of course one day, I met Marcela! After completing her studies in MedellinMarcela had moved to London to study English and when by chance one day we met, we hit if off instantly. Even if it is an exaggerated version. I rather lightheartedly, at least in my eyes, made a comment about the toast not being up to my usual standards and I duly ended up with that same piece of toast rammed into my mouth. Whatever happened to that sweet, delicate Colombian I thought. I learned two valuable lessons that day. Stiff upper lip and all that.

And I think I personally fall towards the more extreme end of that scale. At least I did up until I met Marcela who for a Colombian is actually quite reserved on this front. It goes a little something like this. Not a handshake in sight. Now to the fun part — goodbyes! That would be silly right?

Instead, stay talking for another minutes before starting the same cycle of goodbyes all over again. Then rinse and repeat another few times before finally making a move. In a good way. In the bars, in the clubs, in the streets, by your Columbia women wanting at a restaurant. Go learn some basic Salsa steps, or pick one of the many other genres, and give it a go. You Columbia women wanting and probably will find out that you really enjoy it. I always thought we Scots were maybe the proudest country in the world, until I started dating a Colombian woman.

And not just any Colombian woman, but a paisa! Incidentally, I used that exact same line in my wedding speech — in Spanish of course — and it went down a storm! What has always struck me about Colombia is that the extended family seems every bit as important as the immediate family, and everyone is always looking out for each other or maybe I just walked into a really good family!

When I first met Marcela she talked so in depth about not only her parents and brother but also about her grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. Two incidents really stick out in my mind. The first time I arrived in Colombia with Marcela we arrived to a big crowd of around 20 family members waiting to greet us which was an incredible welcome. The second was one time when I was sick. Nothing major, a stomach virus I think, where I just needed a few days to sleep it off.

But what really amazed me was that all of the aunties and uncles were calling to ask on me or dropping by to check on me which seemed incredibly caring for something so minor in truth I was a bit embarrassed by the fuss. If you really want to date a Colombian woman, and you actually see a future in it, then start learning Spanish NOW! Which, well, just kind of sucks. Been there, done it, strongly advise others to not follow my path!

So go book those Spanish lessons. Classic case of cultural differences. And of course everything is entirely relative to my starting point of coming from a ificantly less outwardly emotional culture.

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But I will say this. Dating this specific Colombian woman has helped me grow immensely as a person and turned me into a hand-holding, salsa dancing, arepa loving Scotsman. This guest blog post was written by Steve Dillon, Co-Founder of Other Way Round, a culturally immersive travel group which brings together small groups of like-minded travelers and shares with them an off the beaten track, adventurous, insider experience of traveling through Colombia. Steve started Other Way Round with his Colombian wife Marcela and their mission is to help show the world the real and authentic Colombia, while also using their tour group to help drive positive change in Colombia.

Been married 10years to a Calena you nailed it. Especially the phone and t. I laughed when I read that.

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Colombian culture is great I really love it. Im an American from Florida in Miami so dancing speaking Spanish and finding colombian food is easy. Fabulous article,it actually made me cry from start to finish. Being a Colombian woman married to a Northern English man; I can completely relate to your comments. I personally think that as far apart our cultures are: somehow we seem to meet positively half way in many ways. I love the British and Scottish culture as much as my husband embraces mine. We both bring interesting and valuable cultural assets to our relationship which makes us a great match.

Needles to say both cultures are hard headed, proudbig personalitiesenjoy life usually with a few glasses of alcohollove footballdrink hot tea and beer on a daily basisare family oriented and polite. Thank you for a great article and for putting a smile on my face, absolutely lovely. Save my Columbia women wanting,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Got it!. Cultural Insights Uncategorized. August 15, 5 comments.

But first… Are all Colombian Women like Sofia? Do they all look like Sofia? No… some of them also look like Shakira!

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A group of colombianas together, be prepared my friends, things are going to get loud! Should You Do It? You may also like. Patrick November 23, - am Been married 10years to a Calena you nailed it. Pepita perez August 31, - pm Something you should know. Karina May 29, - am Fabulous article,it actually made me cry from start to finish. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Columbia women wanting

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