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Sex is everywhere, it is inevitable. Whether you are sitting around with friends and talking about the newest hook-ups or hearing the action through the thin walls of a dorm room, sex is not a foreign concept. Sex is an end goal for many to achieve by the end of a night out. Although finding someone to share that intimate moment with may be a harder task than it seems.

So with out further-a-do, here are the best places to find a companion for the night. Yik Yak. This social media app has taken college towns across the nation by storm.

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Anonymously, people post yaks about a funny moment that occurred in class, or a puny joke, or about the squirrels around campus. All are common topics, but there is always a sprinkle of yak posts that bluntly talk about sex.

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This is a perfect place where you can have many more options. This bar is one of very few bars that allow 18 and up. A bar with a beach theme will provoke a sense of spring break even in the winter. With the drinks flowing, music playing and girls dancing on top of the bar.

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This place could help you find that next partner. Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant. Looking for a calmer environment to find someone. Look no further, The Rio is a great place to meet for happy hour and share a drink with someone. With Margaritas constantly flowing, this is the ideal environment to share a little fiesta with someone. Drunken Monkey.

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If the name of this bar is any indicator of the environment, then let me tell you. With a funky tiki inspired theme with bar swings and a game room this bar provides a crowd of singles ready to mingle.

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The Rec Room. This bar is always packed with diversity and full of life and music. This makes up a great combination, not to mention the booze involved, to find someone to grind up on and leave with by the end of the night. Tinder App. This powerhouse dating app is the perfect place to find what you need. If all other locations fails you, this is the last likely place to find you someone.

Tinder has the reputation for meeting one-night stands, so look no further. Swipe right. Janet Barrientos Follow. Beyond the Oval. Written by Janet Barrientos Follow.

Fort Collins girls for sex

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