Golf course friends only

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So why not share the experience with a friend this summer but has never played golf before? Making sure you have the right equipment on your body is always a struggle, Lindsay says, and one of the reasons why people decline an invite. But she says she likes to keep it simple: just wear a shirt with a collar, running shoes, and on the bottom, you can wear almost anything — public courses are less strict with a dress code, but a quick check online can help.

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Showing up at a golf course for the first time is a highly intimidating situation, Lindsay admits. Where do I go? But being with a friend when you invite them to play is an easy thing to help with. You could play a scramble, which makes things more fun, and percent takes the pressure off. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by .

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Would recommend in person lessons with a pro before taking a first time player out and then just nine holes to start. Or clinics with playing lessons or nine holes after a clinic with same level of players. Hard to get tee times now. And there are still not enough women golfers out there.

Better then years ago tho. I always recommend new golfers spend a little time at the range prior to their first game.

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It can be very intimidating if the first time you are hitting a golf ball is on the first tee. Iron Lady Golf The best part about the game is how much joy it can bring people, so it should be an easy sell. Post Jon Rahm wins his first major at the st U. Come Out and Play.

Golf course friends only

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