Hawthorne married women

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Diary of a Marriage: Sophia — and Nathaniel Hawthorne — Newlyweds Sophia Peabody and Nathaniel Hawthorne chose to keep a diary together, making a t record of intimate life in their new home. For the Hawthornes, journal keeping was a family affair. Both Nathaniel and Sophia kept private records periodically throughout their lives, and when they married in July they began to keep a journal together, each making entries in turn.

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They wrote in the same notebook—a small blank volume with marbled-paper covers and a leather spine—read each other's entries, and built a t narrative of their intimate life as partners in their new home, the Old Manse in Concord. When spring came, she compared nature's rebirth to her own awakening.

I myself am Spring with all its birds, its rivers, its buds, singing, rushing, blooming in his arms.

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I feel new as the Earth which is just born again—I rejoice that I am, because I am his, wholly, unreservedly his. As the seasons passed, the Hawthornes marked them together.

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On the first anniversary of their wedding day, the Hawthornes addressed love letters to each other within the diary. When their first notebook was full, the Hawthornes began another—this one taller and narrower, but with a similar cover. In the first entry, Sophia wrote with joy of the arrival of their first child, Una. On the endpapers, the children added scribbles and drawings, and one day in eight-year-old Una made her own entry—a very short story about two little children taken in by a kind old lady after their parents died.

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She ed it, "Yours lovingly, Una. Cover of the marriage diary of Sophia Peabody Hawthorne — and Nathaniel Hawthorne —— Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, Cover of a diary of Sophia Peabody Hawthorne — and Nathaniel Hawthorne —kept after the birth of their first child, — Diary of Sophia Peabody Hawthorne — and Nathaniel Hawthorne —with an entry by their daughter Una, s— January 21 through May 22,

Hawthorne married women

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