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These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy. Our s are made to shine in your inbox, with something fresh every morning, afternoon, and weekend. The fact is that the majority of our thoughts and actions are on autopilot. Below are three levels of self-awareness along with a caveat. Why three levels? Who the fuck knows? Just go with it. Over the last 30 days, how many times have you:. We avoid pain through distraction. We transport our minds to some other time or place or world, where it can be safe and insulated from the pain of day-to-day life.

We eat, drink, and fuck ourselves into numbness to dull the reality of our problems. We use books, movies, games, and music to carry us to another world where no pain exists, and everything always feels easy and good and right.

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We all need some sort of diversion to keep us sane and happy. Our distraction needs to be planned and moderated in bite-sized chunks. Most people spend much of their day drowned in a sea of distraction without even realizing it.

I do it, too. The other night at dinner, I pulled I am here to fuck for free my phone to look at my calendar, and next thing I knew, I was browsing video game forums on Reddit. Meanwhile, my wife is staring at me as if I just had a lobotomy or something. This only happens about 23 times per day. We think we work more than we do studies show most people top out somewhere around three hours of actual work per day, the rest is just fucking around.

We think we spend more time with our friends and loved ones than we do. The goal here is the elimination of compulsion. But to eliminate compulsion you must first become aware of compulsion. When are you checking out mentally and why? Is it around family? For years I used to carry around an iPod and put headphones on every time I went into public.

Leaving the house without it felt like I was naked. My headphones were a way of protecting and disconnecting myself from others. They were less about a bottomless passion and more about simple fear. Being around strangers without my headphones made me feel anxious and exposed. This is the first level of self-awareness, a simple understanding of where your mind goes and when. You must be aware of the paths your mind likes to take before you can begin to question why it takes those paths and whether those paths are helping or hurting you.

This is why meditating for a long time freaks a lot of people out; meditation is basically the practice of training your mind to become less distracted and more focused on your immediate experience. Most people glide on the surface of life on level one of self-awareness.

They follow directions. They distract themselves with the same shit over and over. Level two is an uncomfortable place to go. People often spend years in therapy navigating it. It takes time to become comfortable with all of your emotions. Going back through those emotions and allowing them to take place is something that requires a lot of focus and a lot of effort. But a lot of people also get held up on this level. I think this happens for a couple reasons. The first is that emotions are powerful, especially for people who have been suppressing their emotions for most of their lives.

Suddenly opening up to them will feel life-changing and incredibly profound. As a result, a lot of people start spinning up a bunch of stories about how this is the ultimate level of self-awareness, just feeling stuff all the time. But this is a bit of a trap. You probably felt good looking at that.

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Now does that feeling mean anything? But a lot of people ascribe profundity to any and every emotion that arises. They assume that because some emotions are incredibly important and vital, that all emotions must be incredibly important and vital. Yes, you heard me. Emotions can also be distractions. From what? From other emotions.

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So you can end up in this endless loop of self-inquirywhich, after a while, will turn you into a really self-obsessed person. Supposedly this sage knew, like, everything and stuff. And this young man was anxious to understand the secrets of the world.

Upon arriving at the top of the mountain, the sage greeted the young man and invited him to ask him anything note: this was way before Reddit thre. The self-questioning involved in self-awareness can lead to this kind of endless spiral.

Layer upon layer upon layer. And, in many cases, not only do deeper levels not elucidate anything usefulbut the mere act of peeling them back can generate more anxiety, stress, and self-judgment. Why am I up working at 1. Perhaps I am being hard on myself. I have done this plenty of times. A lot of people get caught in the trap of always looking one level deeper.

And the act of looking deeper itself will sometimes generate more feelings of anxiety, despair, and self-judgment than it relieves. You may be anxious about your relationship with your mother. The more you become aware of your own emotions and your own desires, the more you discover something terrifying: you are full of shit. We realize that a large percentage of our thoughts, arguments, and actions are merely reflections of whatever we are feeling in that moment.

By the way, if you ever wondered why we tend to fight the most with the ones we love the most, this is partly why: we can use them as an emotional punching bag to validate all the crap that we are feeling, whether they deserve it or not—usually not. We all think of ourselves as independent thinkers who reason based on facts and evidence, but the truth is that our brain spends most of its time justifying and explaining what the heart has already declared and decided. But to give a quick synopsis:. Basically, the point is that you suck, I suck, everybody sucks. Humans kind of suck.

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All the time. If we know our weaknesses then they stop being weaknesses. Hold weaker opinions. Recognize that unless you are an expert in a field, there is a good chance that your intuitions or assumptions are flat-out wrong. It implies an ability to learn and to have a closer connection to reality. Take yourself less seriously. Most of your thoughts and behaviors are simply reactions to various emotions. Ergo, you should take your shit less seriously. Learn your bullshit patterns. When I get angry, I get argumentative and arrogant.

When I get sad, I shut down and play a lot of video games. When I feel guilty, I word vomit my conscience all over people. What are your ticks? Where does your mind go when you feel sad? When you feel angry? Recognize the problems you create for yourself.

My biggest problem is probably not being able to talk about my anger or sadness. I either escape through video games or become passive-aggressive by sniping at people around me. Be realistic. Some people are bad with happiness but good at managing their anger. Others are terrible with their anger but relish their happiness. Other people never feel depressed but suffer uncontrollable guilt. Others I am here to fuck for free feel guilty but struggle with feelings of depression. Where are your strong emotions and weak emotions?

Which emotions do you respond poorly to? Where are your biggest biases and judgments coming from? How can you challenge or re-evaluate them? Others often have a better perspective on us than we do, especially friends and family close to us. They will see all their internal flaws, and come to understand their biases and irrational mechanismsand they will get a handle on their distractions and their weak emotions. And they will hate it. All of it. It will cause them to hate themselves. Obviously, walking around and calling yourself a piece of shit for every other thought or emotion you have is not exactly what we would call the zenith of emotional health.

In fact, this tendency is, ironically, downright shitty itself. Self-awareness is wasted if it does not result in self-acceptance. These emotional outbursts and cognitive biases, they exist in everyone, all the time. Plato said that all evil is rooted in ignorance. If you think of the evilest, shittiest people imaginable, they are shitty not because they have flaws—but because they refuse to admit that they have flaws.

I am here to fuck for free

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