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At once, if you please. Before the estate had finished his artistic improvements on the front door, the new tenant had begun the transfer of his simple lares and penates in a big handpropelled pushcart. The initial load consisted in the usual implements of eating, sitting, and sleeping.

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But the burden of the halfdozen succeeding trips was homogeneous. Big clocks, little clocks, old clocks, new clocks, fat clocks, lean clocks, solemn clocks, fussy clocks, clocks of red, of green, of brown, of pink, of white, of orange, of blue, clocks that sang, and clocks that rang, clocks that whistled, and blared, and piped, and drummed. The mordaunt estate felt suddenly convicted of social error. The feeling deepened when willy woolly advanced, reckoned him up with an appraising eye, and, without the slightest loss of dignity, raised himself on his hind legs, offering the gesture of supplication.

He did not, however, droop his paws in the accepted canine style he ed them, finger tip to finger tip, elegantly and piously, after the manner of the maidens prayer.

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The estate promptly Lafferty Ohio spanking personals. Some pup. He exclaimed. When did you want to move in. Wagboom was favorably impressed with this, as possessing aristocratic implications. The name, he pronounced, is satisfactory. The sum is satisfactory. It is, however, essential that the lessor should measure up in character and status to the standards of the mordaunt estate. This he had adapted from the prospectus of a correspondence school, which had come to him through the mail, very genteelly worded.

Family man. He added briskly. Yes, sir. How many of you. How the new tenant had contrived to commend himself to mr. Mordauntwagboom is something of a mystery. Probably it was his name rather than his appearance, which was shiny, not to say seedy. He encountered the estate when that incorporated gentleman was engaged in painting the front door, and, in a deprecating voice, inquired whether twentyfive dollars a month would be considered.

Maybe, returned the estate, whereupon the stranger introduced himself, with a stiff little bow, as mr. Winslow merivale. Before the voices came, 37 was as quiet a house as any in the square. Quieter than most, since it was vacant much of the time and the ceremonious of the mordaunt estate, for rental to suitable tenant, invited inspection.

Suitable is the catch in that innocentappearing legend. The little house, it seemed, was making music at them. Kleam, kleam, kleam, kleam, it would pipe pleasantly. Solemn and churchly, in rebuke of its own levity. That was a duet in the middle register. Then from some faroff aerie would ring the tocsin of an elfin silversmith, fast, furious, and tiny pingpingpingpingpingpingpingping.

O lord. Cried the horrified julien, scuffing it out with frantic feet. How long has this been there. Whatre you doing. Leave it be. Cried the anguished artist. Its been there since noon.

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Never mind, put in bobbie softly its very pretty and tasteful even though it is a little precipitate. But howshe turned the lovely and puzzled inquiry of her eyes upon the symbolisthow did you know. Artistic intuition, said peter quick banta with profound complacency. Im an artist. Bless your dear, innocent hearts, both of you. Its been happening for weeks. Come with me. I lead them to the sidewalk fronting thornsens lite restaurant.

There stood peter quick banta, admiring his latest masterpiece of imaginative symbolism. It represented a lovebird of eagle size holding in its powerful beak a scroll with a wreath of forgetmenots on one end and of orangeblossoms on the other, encircling respectively the initials. And r. Below, in no less than four colors, ran the legend, cupids token. How good is life in an attic at twenty, she murmured.

Then, turning to him, she held out her hands.

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I could find it good, she said with a soft little falter in her voice, even at twentytwo. Everything passes in review before my bench, sooner or later. The two, going by with transfigured faces, stopped. Lets tell dominie, said julien. I waved a jaunty hand. I know already, said i, even if it hadnt been announced to a waiting world. She turned toward the door. At least, said julien in a voice which threatened to get out of control, youll know that it wasnt all masquerade. Youll know why ill always keep the picture, even if i never paint another. She stole a look at him over her shoulder and, with a thrill, saw the passion in his eyes and the pride that withheld him from speaking.

Suppose, she said, i asked you to give it up. You wouldnt, he retorted quickly. No, i wouldnt. Butbut her glance, wandering away from him, fell on the joyous line of branger bold above the door. Or kind. Or true. Ii dont know, she faltered. You let me offer you money. And youve probably got as much as i have. I wont have from now on, then. Im going to paint.

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I thought, when you told me you were going away, that i couldnt look at a canvas again. But now i know i was wrong. Ive got to paint. Youll have left me that, at least. Merrill thinks youre ruining your career. And if you do, itll be my fault. Ill never, never, never, said the patroness of art desolately, try to do any one good again. Its true that your potboiling brings you a big income. Then why do you take employment as a chauffeur. I dont. That car belongs to me. And your being a waiter. I dont suppose the taverne splendide belongs to you. An impromptu bit of acting, confessed the abashed julien.

And this attic. Was that hired for the same comedy. This is mine, really. I dont understand. Why have you done it all.

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If you want to know the truth, he said defiantly, so that i could keep on seeing you. Thats a very poor excuse, she retorted. The best in the world. As a successful commercial artist, what possible interest would you have taken in me. You took me for a struggling young painterthat was the bonnie lassies fault, for i never lied to you about itand after wed started on that track i didntwell, i didnt have the courage to risk losing you by quitting the masquerade. How you must have laughed at me all the time. He flushed to his angry eyes. Do you think that is fair. He retorted. And mr.

Lafferty Ohio spanking personals

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