Los Angeles married woman for sex

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Laura seemed to have it all. She was smart and beautiful. She had an intelligent, loving husband, two beautiful children and an interesting career. But that was not enough. She wanted excitement and passion. So for 11 years she carried on an extramarital affair with a longtime friend, a married lawyer.

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It was an incredible high--like when you first fall in love. Some women who have been unfaithful say that after the thrill is gone, their lives are left in shambles. Having an affair and living two lives may be fun at first. But you pay for it later. Too many people get hurt. Even Laura admits she deluded herself for years into thinking she had the best of both worlds--a great marriage and a lover on the side. A way for me to avoid facing things in my relationship with my husband. Women have always had affairs, they say. Most women who are having dalliances are doing so for the same reasons men do--they feel neglected or their sex lives are not good, according to Claremont psychologist and family therapist Marcia Lasswell.

As more women enter the work arena and begin reaching equal status with men, they have more opportunities to meet professional men they find interesting and with whom they may share career goals and interests, according to Shirley Glass, a Baltimore psychologist noted for her national research on issues involving marriage and sex.

This man made me feel good about myself. He really paid attention to me and talked to me. Often, when marriages or relationships have passed the initial magical phase of romantic passion, people complain that something is missing and they may seek satisfaction from someone else, say family therapists. And she fails to seriously address the negative effects affairs have on children and husbands. Most men and women she sees in her practice admit that what they have done is wrong. And women, even more so than men, anguish over the pain the affair causes their spouses and children, she says.

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She has also been taken to task for ignoring the risk women may run of getting AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases if they stray outside the marriage. Nevertheless, the risk could exist, and does have an inhibiting effect on many people, say experts. When Heyn was on the talk-show circuit plugging her book, she encountered angry men and women alike who vehemently chastised her for advocating a lifestyle of infidelity for women.

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More often they blow them up. But if the wife can be rejuvenated by an affair and bring that feeling back into the marriage, then it can be positive. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events.

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Los Angeles married woman for sex

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