Lowell massachusetts lesbian.

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My wife and I recently relocated from Boston, purchasing our first home in the Lower Belvidere area of Lowell. Upon searching for a new health-care provider in the area I was surprised and greatly disappointed in the lack of cultural sensitivity I was confronted with while attempting to find LGBT Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender affirming care.

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My search for LGBT affirming medical care in the Lowell area led me to a scarcity of resources devoted to the unique needs of this specific population. We were attracted to the economic and ethnic diversity of this city and look forward to raising a family here.

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This family that we are in process of forming requires a culturally sensitive medical environment that is both affirming of our life decisions and has the unique resources needed to have these children. Lowell, being the fourth largest city in Massachusetts, must have hospital and clinic staff trained in culturally sensitive LGBT treatment practices.

As the LGBT population continues to grow, Lowell-based medical clinics and hospitals must grow with it.

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Lowell massachusetts lesbian.

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