Need a womans opinion

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The reasons they cite are endless, says Catherine Orenstein, founder of the Op-Ed Projectwhich is deed to enrich public conversation by expanding the range of voices we hear, and especially by increasing the of women who participate. You should really ask another person. Orenstein founded the Op-Ed Project four years ago partly to help women realize that their input is valuable. About 4, women have gone through the Op-Ed Project, which reaches out to female and minority subject matter experts and encourages them to cultivate and share their ideas with the public.

Many women have responded to the findingsincluding Katha Pollitt, who wrote a Slate piece saying if magazines want more female writers, they need to get more female editors. Based on byline counts, Hagen-Dillon has found that legacy print publications such as The New York Times and The Washington Post tend to feature the fewest female voices usually around 15 to 25 percent.

The newer online-only sites tend to have Need a womans opinion more female bylines, while the student-run publications have the most. It has now hired a new female op-ed editorTrish Hall, who just started two weeks ago. Hall said it appears that way still, with men contributing most of the pieces that come in unsolicited. Collins said the majority of women writing in to The New York Times write about issues relating to children and education.

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There are some exceptions. All four of the letters Larabee featured were from females. She also pointed out that we get ideas from the people we circulate with and from the people who look and sound like us. This is true for both women and people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds. Having more diverse voices in opinion s, Orenstein said, helps expands our understanding of issues.

Some news organizations have made a concerted effort to find more female contributors. To recruit more female contributors, Park began working with the Op-Ed Project and Project Syndicatewhich provides news outlets with op-ed commentaries. Now, the Voices column features 20 contributors, 9 of whom are women.

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Collins is also optimistic about bridging the gender gap. This list of proven initiatives from across the country might spark you to commit to some innovations of your own. Here are the people, places and things that had a big impact on the media this week. Apply to be a MediaWise Campus Correspondent and earn money to help teach your peers fact from fiction online.


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By: Mallary Jean Tenore. Support high-integrity, independent journalism that serves democracy.

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Need a womans opinion

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Why women don’t contribute to opinion s as often as men & what we can do about it