Need hole worked

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Woods, H. A practical chart is presented for solving problems on hole inclination. The chart is useful for determining the most economical hole size. It is. Savings may be made in straight and soft formations by slim-hole drilling. In a paper 1 the authors presented formulae and charts for determining bore-hole inclination. In some cases the use of the charts involved calculating the values of certain dimensionless quantities. In other cases their accuracy was found insufficient for satisfactory solutions.

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The authors realized that the use of the abstract quantity, anisotropy index, was undesirable and it would be better if a procedure for solving problems was worked out wherein this quantity need not be mentioned. The authors recognized the desirability of presenting Need hole worked in such a way that formation dip be considered only when needed. Actually, the value of formation dip is not needed in many problems. Szego, in his discussion of the authors paper, 1 outlined a possible method for making the analysis accurate for large hole angles.

His suggestions have been followed in the present paper and the are accurate for any hole angle up to 90 deg. The authors have considered many different methods of presenting their in the most usable form. A few charts were presented by one of the authors at local API meetings. It would require a volume of similar charts to cover all possible situations. In this paper a single chart is presented from which solutions to any problem on hole deviation may be obtained in a few minutes. The mathematical derivations and a discussion of the construction of the chart will be given in the Appendix.

The main chart in this paper has been prepared based on a mud weight of 10 lb per gal. Corrections for other mud weights are so slight that they may be neglected. A ratio of collar ID to OD of 0.

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This in inificant errors for all collars in general use except the very smallest. Errors may be appreciable for 4-in. The chart is shown reduced in size in Fig. More accurate may be obtained from a full-size chart which can be furnished by the authors. The chart has six sections. The abscissa of the upper left and lower left sections is drill-collar OD. Curves are drawn in the upper left section for various weights on the bit, in the lower left section for various hole sizes solid lines and various clearances dashed linesand in the lower center section for various hole inclinations.

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Need hole worked

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