Need some fall fun

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Keep reading to be inspired. Take a weekend road trip. Fall is a great time to plan one too. Jump in a leaf pile. Attend a fall festival. It seems like almost everything has its own festival during the harvest season. See our picks for the best fall festivals in the country here. Build a bonfire and make s'mores.

While you can do this anytime, there's something about those chilly nights that really make this special. Amp up your s'mores game with these unique takes on the classic treat. Take a wagon ride. That fall festival you're attending? See if you can add a wagon ride in for old-fashioned fun. Find or stash a Geocache. Let your phone guide you … to hidden treasures in your neighborhood. Seek one out, or stash one of your own for others to find.

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Get the whole story before you head out. Do a fall-themed science experiment. From exploding pumpkins to learning about why leaves change color, we've got easy experiments you can set up in the afternoon. Pick apples at a nearby orchard. U-pick, we pick, your kiddos will love picking bright crispy apples on a sunny day.

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See our favorite U-pick orchards here. Check out the fall foliage. See our favorite spots by clicking here. Host an apple cider tea party. Tea parties are always fun. But, an apple cider tea party? That screams fall all over.

Hop aboard a fall train ride. Visit a haunted house. We've got the best ones for kids right here. Whip up a few wicked pretend potions. We rounded up our favorite potions kids can make here. Go bird watching. Grab the binocs and a local birding guide from the library before heading out on this quiet adventure. Visit your local botanic garden. Discover local kid perks at gardens near you here. Build a fort outside. The weather is still nice enough for long outdoor afternoons. Take advantage and help your kids get set up with their own pad. Make something with apples.

Take all those apples you brought home from the orchard and put them to good use in one of these awesome apple recipes. Watch a family Halloween movie. Because you can! Spend time on a swing.

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Preferably under a tree whose leaves are changing color. Take in one more ball game. Through September families can catch a final baseball or soccer match before they focus their Need some fall fun on football at one of our favorite family-friendly parks. Have a fall-themed crafternoon. Fall is the perfect time to perfect your Pinterest game. Plus, we've got the best fall projects for kids right here.

Bob for apples. Because it's fun. And you still have apples left from the orchard. Play Halloween games. When else besides fall can you play Witch Pitch and Pop the Pumpkin? Go on a leaf scavenger hunt. Put your little sleuth on the case of the missing leaves identify the ones to find ahead of time: maple, oak, pecan, evergreen, etc. Go for ice cream. Or fro yo. Or shave ice. Before it gets too cold to enjoy these chilly treats on a sunny day. Play ball. Throw, kick or bounce your way over to the local outdoor sports court or grassy park for quality family game time.

Pick pumpkins at a patch. Nothing says fall quite like the annual pumpkin patch outing. Let your sidekick climb the hay bales or jump in the corn bin while you sip hot apple cider nearby. We gathered the best patches from coast to coast.

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Read books in the backyard. The fall weather invites you to grab a blanket, a kid and read outside. See our favorite books of so far right here. Bundle up for a bike ride.

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Get more mileage from your outdoor time on your trusty two-wheeler. Make pumpkin-spiced something. You should have plenty of ingredients for this one because you've already been to the patch, right? Find your new favorite recipe here. Take a hike. Cooler weather means it'll be easier to hit the trail with. Have you done any of these bucket list hikes? Tailgate at your favorite game. Whether it's your alma mater or the local high school, setting up with snacks and hanging out with friends before kick-off time is classic fall fun.

Watch the birds fly south for the winter. Look up to see those V-shaped groups of feathered friends heading for warmer pastures. Get yours before the markets go on hiatus for the winter. Stop and breathe. Take the kids outside and take a few deep breaths. As a bonus, ask them if they can smell anything that screams fall! Go on one last picnic.

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Before the winter weather sets in, pack the basket full of everyone's favorite picnic foods. Then find a grassy spot to enjoy the spread. Watch a sunset. Bring your tiny tot out to enjoy the colorful show before she hits the hay. Make a pillow fort and read Halloween books. Our favorites can be found here. Get lost in a corn maze. Fall is a great time to take advantage of old-school farm faves, like winding your way through a corn maze.

Need some fall fun

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