Ok ladies need some help

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It is a game on steam where you strip and rebuild guns. I found this from a video on Ok ladies need some help. Its called world of guns. There is also a an app for your phone called the same thing. If i pry slightly upwards on 1 the trigger bar aligns and pushes the sear also if i pull the hammer forward slightly the trigger bar aligns and contacts the sear. Since i put the new hammer in my thought is that 2 might need alittle fileing. Probably does need filling.

Usually replacement requires a little. This is his website he's out of Texas. I have two triggers that have been repaired by him I could not be happier. Good luck brother. Ive seen his website and if i cant fix it im going to send it off to him. Might be a good enough deal to replace the unit. If you turn your picture sideways to the left your markups look like a sad dog with floppy ears. Back story on the gun is i bought it with a broken hammer. Replaced the hammer and now its still dead.

Springs all good? I'm assuming you've already striped and cleaned it. You should be able to look In the viewing hole and push down on the Disconnector until it is horizontal to the sear, now pull the trigger and the hammer should fall. If this works then your disconnector is Probably bentthis is why the bolt being in battery is not pushing down the disconnector.

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Found the internet! Ok ladies and gentlemen i need some help. The trigger is dead. When i have the trigger group in my hand with the hammer cocked back and pull the trigger the trigger bar misses the sear. More in the comments. Posted by 2 months ago. Sort by: best. Reply Share. Continue this thread. Do you know what the turn around is? That's what I would do.

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Just a little file might help. Thats what im thinking. Lolololol i can see that.

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Maybe the safty switch is broken and stuck? More posts from the SKS community. This community covers topics about the various SKS rifle variants available to sports men and women around the world. Created Feb 27, Back to Top.

Ok ladies need some help

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