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As a parent, you are in the best position to coach your teen about safe driving practices, provide them the driving experience they need and make sure you have adequate auto insurance for the new drivers in your household.

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Teens who are just learning to drive lack the skills, experience and often the maturity needed to recognize and respond to risk. For example, the chances of a young driver age 16 or 17 being killed in a crash increases by 44 percent when they have a passenger in the vehicle under the age of 21, according to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission WTSC and its Target Zero program.

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As a parent, you hold the key to helping your teen get the driving experience he or she needs. AAA reports that according to research, teens with more involved parents, both behind the wheel and in general, get fewer tickets and engage in less risky driving behaviors.

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Parents may also wonder how auto insurance premiums will be affected when your teen starts driving. Auto insurance rates for teenage drivers will be higher than other drivers because as a group, teenagers pose a higher risk of being involved in crashes.

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Adding a teenager to your Auto Policy can mean a 50 percent or more increase in your auto insurance premium. However, there are ways to manage those costs.

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The NW Insurance Council offers the following tips to keep your teenage driver safe and your auto insurance premiums down:. NW Insurance Council is a nonprofit, insurer-supported organization providing information about home, auto, business and personal insurance to consumers, media and public policymakers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Teen Drivers. Posted on June 21, at AM.

Oregon hot teen

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Oregon ranks 29th in the Nation for Most Teen-Involved Fatal Crash Deaths Per Capita