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Originally posted by danasoupchef. Request: Trying to make a good impression on your girlfriends sister, you take Kara to a bar in space and accidentally get her drunk.

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Word Count: My giggles were absolutely uncontrollable as I stumble with Kara into her apartment. Most of our recent bonding was over the fact that our home planets were close and our alieness, I tried to bond over game night but failed because of my lack of human knowledge.

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Keep reading. Originally posted by a-sanvers-m.

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Request: Reader distances herself from Kara because she thinks she is a dangerous distraction to Supergirl. Three dates in a row were cut off by superhero duties. Six mornings I woke up alone. But the braking point was when a villain attacked a heavily populated place. She knew I was there and prioritized me over everyone else. Originally posted by robbieamell. Request: Lena and reader are in an argument and have been avoiding each other until they got stuck in the elevator, forcing them to talk it out. Word Count Apparently I was wrong as this morning we had a fight because her coworkers think that she is being promoted for reasons other than her skills.

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Originally posted by thekeyunderthemat. Originally posted by aflawedfashion. Request: Kara breaks up with reader and once reader moves on and starts dating Lena, Kara misses her. I felt heart broken. The world felt like it was spinning as I was trying to process that Kara Danvers just broke up with me.

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But no one can make me feel the way Kara does, everything is worth it as long as I have Kara by my side. Originally posted by jessequick. Lol thanks! Word Count: My giggles were absolutely uncontrollable as I stumble with Kara into her apartment. Being a Superhero and dating Alex Danvers would include -You meet her when her boss told her she needed to talk to the new hero -You team up with them and her sister a lot -Always having each others backs during fights -Bullet-proof dresses on dates -Making out before dangerous missions -Nonstop complimenting each other -Arm wrestling -Training together -D.

Dating Cat Grant would include -Always complimenting each other -Joking with her and making her laugh, esp.

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Anonymous asked: We all appreciate that you updated again! See this in the app Show more.

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