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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Cade Randall stepped out of his car. It was around twelve and he was in a bit of a hurry.

Cade was a freshman at the Boston University. He was also a fast-rising star of the school's football team. He was a rather striking-looking guy. Six feet three inches and two hundred and ten pounds of well-muscled caucasian male with blond-white hair and pale blue eyes. Of Greek origin. He was only nineteen years old and already the NFL scouts were starting to bug him. Cade was a guy who liked to stay at the top of his game. His father Stanley was an executive at Imperium Insurance. He made seven figures. Cade intended to become every bit as successful.

He won himself a full scholarship to BU on his own merit. Today, Cade was relaxing. He had some time to himself. Classes and practice took up most of his time. He was a busy guy.

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He was never too busy for one of his female freaks, though. Cade had met a rather pretty girl named Shirley not long ago. Shirley was a tall, curvy black girl. She was a sophomore at BU. They hooked up Sexy tall ebony goddess all was cool.

Shirley was a really freaky chick. She did stuff that totally blew Cade's mind, which was why he liked her. Shirley lived in a small apartment around South End. He went to visit her. He told her he was coming and she told him that she had a surprise for him. Cade had smiled then. Shirley was a really sexy chick. A sexual dynamo who could rock a man's world and leave him breathless. There was nothing this chick wouldn't do in bed. She had a reputation around the campus. She apparently liked white jocks and seemed to have a weakness for handsome guys like Cade Randall.

He came up to the door and knocked. Shirley came and unlocked the door. She let him inside. Shirley looked really sexy in red bra and matching panties. Her body looked simply beautiful. She was a tall, curvy black female with a spectacular figure. Her face was pretty and her butt was to die for, as was the rest of her. She routinely made both men and women's he turn. Shirley had it going on and she knew it. Shirley kissed Cade and started undressing him right then and there.

Pretty soon he was naked and she admired his body. Cade's classic looks and intense working out made him look like a Greek god. He had many female admirers and some male admirers too. Cade was a pretty boy and he knew the power that his body gave him. So did she. Laughing, they chased each other around the apartment and then went into the bedroom. They were both naked and ready to release their energy in the most pleasant way possible. Shirley lay on the bed, her legs spread and her butt up in the air. She looked at Cade, who grinned.

He came toward her, and she licked her lips while looking at his big dick. He rubbed his cock against her pussy. Shirley urged him to stick it into her. He entered her, thrusting into Sexy tall ebony goddess pussy in one quick motion. Shirley gasped. Cade's thick cock began to fuck her pussy thoroughly.

He moved in and out of her love hole. Shirley licked her lips and caressed her tits as Cade fucked her. He held her by the hips and fucked her, shoving his dick deep inside her. She raised her legs so that they rested on his shoulders. He pulled her forward and grunted as his cock sank even deeper inside her. He was thrusting hard and fast, giving her a merciless fuck. Shirley felt her body rocked by the force of his thrusts. Just the way she liked it. There was nothing Cade liked to fuck more than a tight pussy. He thrust in and out of Shirley.

He plowed into her pussy and fucked her hard and fast. He hammered his dick into that pussy, making her scream. Shirley squealed in delight as he drilled into her like he was drilling for gold. She let herself go. Cade was fucking her like a man possessed and she liked it. He came inside her and she screamed as he filled her with his hot cum. He pulled out of her pussy. Shirley struggled to catch her breath. He rolled on the side and lay next to her.

Shirley looked at the handsome youth who lay next to her.

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He was breathtakingly handsome. As handsome as she was beautiful. They were a sharp contrast. She stood five feet eleven inches tall, pretty as an ebony goddess. He had the looks of a Greek god. They were quite a match. Maybe Shirley had found the one, after all. They were great in bed. She wasn't sure if Cade was interested in more than just sex.

When she heard him invite her to one of his father's office parties, she rejoiced. Finally they were going out and stepping out into the world. Sexy tall ebony goddess would do anything for this man and make him hers. Never had she fallen so hard. Cade lay next to her, thinking that he really needed a date and that she would have to do. Shirley lay next to him, thinking that she wanted to be with him and that was that. Things would unfold that would surprise them both. Great start. I would like to about Cade and Shirley to see where things go.

Thanks for sharing your creativity. Very boring. I'm happy that it was only one. There was no build up to the developing relationship. It read like a middle schooler's jerk off creation.

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Truly a lame story line. Hang on to your job at Wendy's. Before long you'll be promoted to Fry Man. After that the sky's the limit.

Sexy tall ebony goddess

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